Simplify your cross-border payments

Bank payments, Mobile wallets, Card payments… which to focus? What about a Unified Payment Platform so that you can handle everything at once? Now you don’t have to worry about the medium of transactions! With our Universal Payment Platform, you are getting a Unified Payment platform that let you accept and disburse payments from all around the world.

We present you an absolute cross-border payment processing, without the expense of making multiple international bank payments, enabling global payment disbursement and acceptance seamlessly.


Our Features

  • Industry-Messaging-Standards
    Industry Messaging Standards (ISO20022, SWIFT MT Messaging)
  • Comprehensive-Remittance-Data
    Comprehensive Remittance Data
  • Payment-alerts-and-notifications
    Payment alerts and notifications
  • Payment-Exceptions-Management
    Payment Exceptions Management
  • Automated-Transaction-Compliance-Screening
    Automated Transaction Compliance Screening (AML/OFAC/PEP)
  • Built-in-FX-Rates-and-Order-Management
    Built-in FX Rates and Order Management
  • Payment-Reconciliation-Reports
    Payment Reconciliation Reports
  • Single-and-Batch-Transaction-Management
    Single and Batch Transaction Management
  • Real-time-Transaction-Status
    Real-time Transaction Status
  • Self-Onboarding
  • Network-Management
    Network Management

Our Values

  • Faster Onboarding
  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate Risk
  • Improve transparency and efficiency
  • New Revenue opportunities